President - December 2016

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October 25 thru 28 – Attended and participated at the NCPERS Public Safety Retirement Seminar in Palm Springs, CA.
October 31 – Went by Fairfax Hospital to see a retired member in the ICU. Spoke to the Campaign Manager for Supervisor Foust in preparation for Tuesday’s Election.
November 1 – Went by the funeral home to pay our respects to Brother Jack Acre.
November 2 – Attended and participated in the Arlington County, Va. Diversity and Equity Conference. Went by the Campaign Offices for Gross and Foust to pick up supplies for our members assigned to working the polls for tomorrow’s Board of Supervisors Election. Additionally, I went by our Workers’ Comp Attorney to drop off information/paperwork from one of our members for his review.
November 3 – Worked the polling locations for several of our endorsed candidates to include Supervisors Gross and Foust. 1300 hours – I attended Cooper Middle School, in McLean, along with the Fire Chief and several of our members a recent ROSC incident for a 14 year old male. It was great to see him and his family – excellent work by all! I went back to the polling locations to assist our endorsed candidates. Attended and participated at the Victory Party for Supervisor Penny Gross in Annandale, then later traveled to other Victory Parties for our endorsed candidates. All but one of our endorsed candidates were elected or reelected – thank you for everyone’s assistance and support to our political candidates.
November 4 – Attended and chaired the Local’s Monthly General Membership Meeting. I received several phone calls from our endorsed candidates thanking us for supporting them.
November 5 – Went by Fairfax Hospital’s ICU to see one of our retired members. Prepared an email Election Summary of Tuesday’s results to the membership. Went by the Local Office.
November 6 – At the Local Office.
November 10 – 1230 hours – had lunch with a retired member to discuss some issues/concerns. 1400 hours – at the Local Office.
November 12 – At the Local Office. 1700 hours – met with the Fire Chief to discuss/follow-up on some issues/concerns.
November 13 – Visited the members at FS440, FS417, and FS415. 
 November 17 – 0800 hours – met with a member at the Local Office to discuss some ideas for the membership. 0930 hours – went to the Board of Supervisors Meeting for the MDA Presentation/Recognition. Great work everyone! 1600 hours – met with County DHR, Susan Woodruff, about the upcoming promotional process at DPSC.
November 19 – 1000 hours - attended and participated at the Monthly Uniformed Retirement System Board of Trustees Meeting. 1100 hours – I excused myself from the retirement board meeting to attend the funeral of Brother Cliff Rodgers – May You Rest In Peace Brother!
November 21 – 0800 hours – met with a member at FS442 about a concern he had. 1000 hours – attended and participated in the funeral for Brother Milton “Goldie” Goldsmith – May You Rest In Peace Brother! 1800 hours – attended and participated in Brother Feehan’s 40 Years of Service Retirement Party in Leesburg, Va. Great event and may you have a long and healthy retirement Brother!
November 23 – 0700 hours - sat in the promotional orientation at DPSC.
November 24 – 0800 hours – attended and chaired the Local’s Executive Board Meeting – invited the 3 candidates running for the IAFF’s General Secretary/Treasurer Position coupled with the 3 candidates running for the IAFF’s 4th District Vice-President Position. Additionally, other IAFF Locals from the COG region were invited and attended. VPFF candidates for President and Secretary/Treasurer were also in attendance. Great candidates and great participation. 1400 hours – went to the IAFF Headquarters to meet with Assistant to the GP Jim Ridley about some upcoming programs. 1700 hours – met with Supervisor-Elect Dan Storck (Mount Vernon District).
November 25 – While on Annual Leave – 0700 hours – sat in the promotional orientation at DPSC. 0900 hours – went by County’s DHR, spoke with Susan Woodruff and Deputy County Executive Dave Rohrer about the upcoming promotional process at DPSC.
November 26 – Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
November 30 – Attended EMSCEP while off-duty and went by the Local Office to catch-up on several items.
December 1 – 0900 hours – Went to the Smithsonian, Washington, D.C., along with Brothers Kobersteen and Brandell for the donation of MDA memorabilia to the Smithsonian. 1100 hours – attended the graduation of Joseph Konczal, son of Brother Bob Konczal, from the Alexandria Fire Department Recruit School. Congratulations Joseph – most certainly Fairfax County’s FRD loss. All the best for a long and healthy career! 
 December 2 – Attended and chaired the Monthly General Membership Meeting – the membership recognized VA Senator Toddy Puller (D) and VA Delegate Tom Rust (R) for their years of support as it relates to firefighter and paramedic issues. Congrats to both of you and you will be sorely missed. Attended and participated at the Annual VA General Assembly Luncheon at PJ Skidoo’s – all state elected officials and their staff were invited to not only “break bread” but to learn and ask questions about the VPFF’s and Local 2068’s Political Agenda for 2016.
December 3 – 0830 – had coffee with Supervisor John Cook (R) to discuss him being the next Chairman of the County’s Public Safety Committee and to build/strengthen our working relationship. Good Meeting!
December 4 – Attended and participated in the 30 Years of Safety within the FXCO FRD. Thanks to all who have built this stellar and effective program(s).
December 5 – Attended Brother Willie Bailey Post-Election Celebration in Alexandria. Congrats Brother and all the best to you while you serve the residents and visitors of Alexandria City.
December 8 – Had lunch with Newly Elected Supervisor of the Sully District – Kathy Smith (D) to discuss the upcoming budget, our issues, and building a working relationship. 1500 - Attended Supervisor Gerry Hyland’s (D) Holiday Gathering at his office with Brothers Flanigan and Slaymaker. 1730 – Attended Supervisor John Foust’s (D) Holiday Gathering at his office. 1830 – Attended Supervisor John Cook’s (R) Holiday Gathering at his office.
December 9 – At the Local Office
December 10 thru 13 – Attended and participated at the NCPERS Executive Meeting in Austin, Texas.
December 14 – 0830 – Attended the last day of Brother Elton Wright at the Academy, retiring from the Department. All the best in retirement Brother! 1100 – Attended and participated in a meeting with the FC, AFCs, Brother Ron Kuley, and the other employee groups. At Local Office after the meeting.
December 15 – 1100 – Attended the Annual Toy Drive at FS411. Outstanding job Brother Willie Bailey along with all the assistance and sponsors! “Putting smiles on the kids faces!”
1800 – Attended the swearing in of the Board of Supervisors at the Gov’t Center.
December 16 – 0800 – Attended the required EMS Supervisors Meeting at the Burkholder Building. 1000 – Attended and participated at the Monthly Uniformed Retirement System Board of Trustees Meeting.
December 18 – Out of town, addressed the concern/issue with a congressman wearing a Local 2068 shirt at an anti-NRA rally.
December 21 – At the Local Office.
December 22 – Attended and chaired the Monthly Local 2068 Executive Board Meeting and the Holiday Gathering/Luncheon.
December 23 – 1100 – went by FS440 and visited the members on C-Shift. 1330 – Brother Bob Konczal and I visited Brother Al Doughty in Fairfax Hospital.
December 24 – Prepared an email/FB post – Christmas/Holiday Message to the Membershp.
December 25 – Merry Christmas Everyone!
December 26 – 1600 – Went by Fairfax Hospital to visit with Brother Al Doughty – looking and feeling better, spirits are up, and prayers are being sent his way.
December 27 – 30 – Spending some quality time with family and friends during the Christmas/Holiday Season.
December 31 – Happy New Year Everyone!

My 3 Goals/Objectives for the Membership in 2016 –

1- Continue to look/enhance ways on to protect, detect early, and treat occupational illnesses/diseases.
2- Enhance compensation and benefits while protecting our pension.
3- Continue to improve/enhance our communication/information to the entire Membership!

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