President - January 2016

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January 1 – Brothers Konczal, Kuley, and I went by Fairfax Hospital to see Brother Al Doughty.  The Local provided Al with a computer tablet to keep him up-to-date with emails and for entertainment.  Al was grateful to see all of us.  You’re in our thoughts and prayers Al!  1400 hours – went by FS429 – had a great station visit with the members.  Thanks for your time, questions, and support!

January 2 – Assisted a member with an issue and worked on emails.

January 4 – 1900 hours – went to see Brother Willie Bailey being installed as City of Alexandria Councilman.  Congrats Brother Bailey and we are all very proud of you!  2030 hours – went by Fairfax Hospital to see Brother Al Doughty and Springfield Supervisor Emeritus, Elaine McConnell, was transported by our personnel to the ER.  Went by to see Elaine and her family.

January 5 – 0800 hours – went by the Local Office to meet with a member about an issue/concern.  0900 hours – went by FS440 to see Brother Danny Thompson to see how he’s progressing from his injury.  He’s looking and feeling well – very appreciative of me stopping by.  Additionally, I spoke with Brother Dave Grendall reference Brother Al Doughthy.  1030 hours – went by the Wel-Fit Center to participate in the S/L – I/L Committee.  1230 hours – at the Local Office.

January 6 – 0830 hours attended and chaired the monthly General Membership Meeting.  1300 hours - Attended and participated at the VPFF Board of Directors Meeting in Richmond, Va., at the Omni Hotel.

January 7 – 0800 hours – Attended and participated at the VPFF Legislative Conference.  Several of Local 2068’s members were there – thank you for your participation on behalf of the entire membership.  FYI – The VA General Assembly were not in session thus, no representative visits were made.

January 8 – 0600 hours – Brother Kuley and I attended the Funeral Services for Brother Michael “Mickey” Mullane, IAFF 3rd District VP, in Boston, Mass.  Brother Mickey will be sorely missed he was a legend, pioneer, and excellent union leader that everyone respected.  RIP Mickey!  1900 – Had dinner with my daughter, Megan, and her boyfriend, Jarred for Megan’s 27th Birthday!  Love ya Megs!

January 10 – 1100 hours – attended and participated at the Road to Richmond Brunch at Springfield Country Golf Club.  1430 hours – went by FS414 to wish Brothers Manny Stribling and Mark Lucas all the best in their retirements – this was their last day at the fire station.

January 11- Brother CA Martin and I sent out an email/FaceBook Post reference Defending Public Safety Employees Act – information about the enactment January 1 and what it means to the membership.

January 12 – 1130 hours, met with the Department’s EEO Officer – Jay Grove about the upcoming Equity and Diversity Conference hosted by FXCOFRD October 17 and 2016, 2016 and the role the Local can play.  At the Local Office afterwards.

January 13 – 0930 hours – Attended and participated at the Senior Staff Meeting as a committee member reference S/L and I/L.  1630 – 1830 hours – Sister Felecia Manns, Brothers Flanigan, Bailey, Lopez and I assisted Chairman Bulova serving food at her New Year’s Reception at the Government Center.  Great job by all!   1840 hours – went by the Retirement Association Meeting at FS440 to discuss the upcoming VA General Assembly and our bills/resolutions coupled with the upcoming FY2017 Fairfax County Budget to include the elimination of the Social Security Disability Off-Set.

January 14 – 1200 noon – had lunch with a member to discuss/update issues/concerns within the Local.  1330 hours – went by the Local Office.  1730 hours went by Fire Stations 427, 437, and 422.

January 16 – sent email to Brother Al Doughty to see how’s he doing and if he needs anything.  Left for Orlando, FLA, to attend the IAFF’s Affiliate Leadership Training Summit (ALTS) and the Human Relations Conference.  I was reelected on the IAFF’s Elected Human Relations Committee.  Thank you Sister Yoland DeMark for nominating and supporting me!  In Orlando from January 16 thru the evening of January 21st.

January 23 – Sent out FaceBook Post reference any of our members and/or family in the need of assistance reference the snow and emergency requests.

January 24 – Dealing with the snow – shoveling out the neighborhood!  Put out another FacePost reference checking on everyone and see if anyone needed assistance.

January 25 – Another FaceBook Post reference the storm and assistance.

January 26 – Went by the Local Office to check up on some emails, etc.

January 27 – 0800 hours – went to Richmond, VA with Brother Kuley.  Went by the Local Office and back to work at 1900 hours.

January 28 – 0745 hours – Brother Kuley and I met with AFC Johnson about his promotion, continued relationship with the Local, and having future meetings reference OPS issues/concerns that directly affect the membership.  Good meeting and Congrats Brother Reggie Johnson!  At the Local Office.

January 30 – Worked EOS for Brother Dave Sellers as EMS402.

January 31 – 1630 hours – Brother Kyle Anderson and I attended the Retirement Party for Brothers Stribling and Lucas at FS414 – they were presented with Retirement Plaques and IAFF “Retired Member” Pins.  Congrats to you both and your families – all the best in your retirement!

My 3 Goals/Objectives for the Membership in 2016 –
  1. Continue to look/enhance ways on to protect, detect early, and treat occupational illnesses/diseases.
  2. Enhance compensation and benefits while protecting our pension.
  3. Continue to improve/enhance our communication/information to the entire Membership!

Time for me to Get Back to Work!
Respectfully Submitted and Fraternally,

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