Good visits with C-shift yesterday. (FS 36,25,4,31) It sucks that I can rarely visit in person. I did post my Executive board notes on the union boards so please contact me if you want further clarification on any of the items. Gery Morrison was at FS4 and gave me a great piece of advice about tracking staffing issues. I will follow-up with Ron Kuley on that subject today. Please contact me if...

How is it going Craig?

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DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK YOUR UNION DISABILITY INSURANCE! Are you a member? Are your beneficiaries up to date? It takes two seconds!! Call Nadine or Kim at the union office. 703-591-9271.

Executive meeting today. Notes to come.

Thank you to FS431-A for having me for breakfast on Sunday. It was good to see you guys and I appreciate you being involved. I hope you enjoy the yuppie blueberry muffin coffee that I brought for you! hahaha

Craig, how are my privacy settings coming?????? I need them! who knows when I could say/do something on here that offends every last one of my friends. Help me! hahahaha

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VERY, VERY IMPORTANT! If you want pay steps back, come to the Government Center on April, 9th at 1500 wearing your class-C uniform. John N. will be speaking on your behalf and we need an army of support behind him if we want to succeed in getting those steps. Spread the word.

EVERYONE PLEASE! Put at least one union meeting this year on your agenda. I need you to help me improve the way we conduct business. During Executive meetings I am 1 vote in 10 and I represent you. However, during General Membership meetings I can speak for you but I am only 1 vote against many. Please get involved a little.

- John N, Colin F, Ron K were all re-elected to principle officer.
- Safer grant was approved. 12 new positions coming for the trucks.
- EMS committee still working on Lt. positions and pay restructure. Please come to the next meeting when it gets scheduled.
- Motion was made and approved to have Niemiec meet with recruitment and others members about the ALS and Military recruiting issues.

General Membership meeting in the AM. We will be there at 6:30 if you want to hangout before the 8:30 meeting. Moose lodge in the City of Fairfax.

ALS Preceptor compensations: Discussion... It has been proposed that preceptors would get 3 dollars additional an hour when training interns? This was discussion only and needs further debate.
ALS pay consolidation/restructure: FC and John N. looking into possibility of riding pay, incentive pay being included into retirement. This still needs research before decisions can be made.

MIOC/Community Para-medicine: FC will take a slow approach using MIOC to inform citizens and prevent the EMS 911 call. The FD is starting small work groups to plan for changes involving Community Para-medicine.
ALS rank restructure: Discussion.. What do we do with the 42 ALS medic LT positions when we go to 1 and 1 on the transport units?

EMS meeting was very impressive. Lots of members showed so we had a perspective from all aspects of EMS. Unfortunately, we haven't come up with a proposal yet but we discussed all of the up-coming EMS issues/changes. Topics were MIOC/Community Para-medicine, ALS rank restructure, Possible ALS Preceptor compensation, and ALS pay consolidation/restructure.

I will try to answer some of your EMS questions that you had in my meeting tomorrow morning.

Good to see you A-shift guys today. I am sorry much of the visits were so late in the night and I am sorry that your Dranesville Rd. (Church) box wasn't a fire because I showed up third due. Haha