Endorsements Based on Firefighter Issues, Not Party

There is an election every year in Virginia! As the mailers and video the IAFF has released there are many reasons your Union is supporting Lt. Governor Northam but the best reason is that he supports our issues of pension protection and cancer presumption. He is a veteran from Desert Storm who understands duty, a doctor who understands the risks we take with our health and a man who will listen to us.


Who you vote for is your business. Just because your union supports one candidate does not mean we disagree with you voting for someone else. We know there are many concerns you have when you enter the voting booth that don’t touch on your job but on your personal values. Just know that your union will continue to make your pension and health our top priorities. 


This is why we do not look a candidate’s party when we endorse them. Lt Governor Ralph Northam is a Democrat but while we are supporting him this year we are also supporting VPFF Endorsed Republican Tim Hugo for State Delegate. Tim Hugo, working with Tom Simcoe and our Local, was able to get our members a line of duty death benefit for the spouses of Firefighters.


You will be seeing and hearing from your Union about this election in the next few weeks, but remember, after this election we will still fight for your retirement and health benefits no matter who wins! 

Move Mountains for Loren
2017 Elections - Local 2068 Endorsements