John P. Redmond Health and Safety Symposium & Dominick F. Barbera EMS Conference

​IAFF members face traditional hazards as well as emerging threats while fighting back against attacks on staffing, fire-based EMS and the resources needed to protect their health and safety. The IAFF remains the leader in every fire fighter safety initiative in the 21st century.

The 2017 John P. Redmond Health and Safety Symposium and Dominick F. BarberaEMS Conference provides research, new programs, initiatives and tools designed to ensure the survival of our members on the fire ground and on EMS scenes with research, new programs, initiatives and tools.

The Redmond Symposium is our commitment to explore the cause of every IAFFmember’s death, injury or illness and to develop sustainable solutions to further protect the health and safety of the membership. The Barbera EMS Conference explores all aspects of fire-based emergency medical services, from the tenets of emergency response system design and operations, to medical direction and privatization, and from quality assessment and data collection to billing for transport.

The 2017 event features two days of plenary sessions and two days of topic-specific workshops and information sessions. In addition, exhibitors include fire service equipment manufacturers, fitness companies and other vendors. Fire fighters, paramedics, medical directors, physicians, occupational safety professionals and fitness trainers are encouraged to attend this important event.

Members should contact their Battalion Representative with their interest.

John P. Redmond Health and Safety Symposium & Dominick F. Barbera EMS Conference,  August 6-10, 2017,  Vancouver, British Columbia.

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