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Battalion 3 - March 2017

Monthly Report March 2017-Battalion 3 -  Robert Konczal Attended the March executive board meeting. Scheduled work day for the general membership meeting, did not attend. Resolution with the multiple EEO investigations.  Continue to work with affected members.  Represented member with 3rd step grievance Representing a member with 1st step grievance Investigating impact with LODA medical benefit on...
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Battalion 2 - January 2016

Richard Merrell  Attended morning union meeting held at Fairfax Moose Lodge. Made motion to hold all General Membership Meetings at 0800 rather than the flip/flop schedule we currently have. Motion will come before the membership at the March 2nd meeting for final vote. B-shift coming off duty so get your troops to the meeting and free breakfast.  Attended January L2068 Executive Board Meeting h...
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Battalion 1 - May 2015

Jason Peterson Coordinated with outgoing 1st Battalion rep Thomas Biller on names of potential station stewards and communicated on 1st battalion ongoing business and points of contact.  Made initial contact to several stations within the 1st battalion.  Attended Fairfax County Sheriff's Union's Executive board session with VA Local 512's leadership in attendance.  Spoke on issues with the sheriff...
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