President - July - October 2015

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July 16 – Worked EOS, met with the FC and a member reference disciplinary issues

July 20 – Spoke with/dealing with a member and disciplinary issues

July 21 – At Local Office

July 22 – Worked EOS/dealing with disciplinary issues/visited with FS442/FS413/FS402

July 24 thru August 3 – On vacation – at the beach with family.  Returned from the beach to attend and chair monthly Eboard meeting – July 28

August 4 – Letter to the membership reference FRD employee’s Facebook posting

August 5 – 1000 - Met with VPFF DVP Paul Hebert and other Local 2068 members reference political endorsements from the VPFF – met at Prince William’s Local Hall/Office, 1330 – Met with Fire Chief and staff

August 6 – 0800 – Met with a member and Grievance Director at the Local Office reference disciplinary issue/concern 0900 – meeting with a member at the Local Office

August 10 – Meeting with member and Eboard member reference disciplinary issue at Local Office

August 11 – 12 noon, attended a WPFG Luncheon and Recognition at Government Center

August 12 – At Local Office

August 14 – At Local Office

August 17 – Met with member, FC, and others reference disciplinary issue, followed up with Board of Supervisors reference upcoming 2015 Carryover in September

August 18 – Attended and chaired monthly Eboard Meeting at Local Office

August 19 – 0900 – Met with FC at Training Academy along with 2 Eboard members reference disciplinary issue – 1000- Attended the FF and Officer of the Year Award at the Training Academy – Congratulations, 1200 noon – stopped by DHR – Benefits to discuss a healthcare issue/concern for a member

August 20 – Followed up with DHR- Benefits reference member’s healthcare issue/concern, spoke with Fire Chief reference some follow up items/concerns

August 21 – At Local Office, Brother Flanigan and I attended Sister Felicia Manns’ Retirement Party in Richmond, Va

August 24 – At Local Office, spoke with Fire Chief reference some follow up items/concerns

August 25 thru 28 – Attended and participated in the IAFF’s Redmond Health & Safety Conference at National Harbor, MD

August 30 – Daughter, friends, and I participated and completed the Annual Annapolis, MD 10-Mile Race

September 1 – At Local Office

September 2 – 0830 - Attended and chaired the monthly General Membership Meeting. 1200 noon attended and participated in the MDA “Kick-Off” at FS405.  Shout out to Delegate Tim Hugo (R- 40th District) who presented the Local and the FRD with an MDA Resolution from the VA General Assembly.  Thank you Delegate Hugo!

September 3 – Attended the “Backpacks for Kids Program” at FS411 – once again awesome job by Brother Willie Bailey and so, so many others.  1500 hours met with Supervisor Foust’s campaign manager to discuss strategy.  

September 4 – Met with Supervisor Hudgins to discuss campaign strategy.  Stopped by the local office to thank everyone for helping with this year’s MDA efforts.

September 5 – Boots on the ground out collecting for MDA.

September 6 – Stopped by the local office to thank everyone for their assistance with MDA.

September 7 – Boots on the ground out collecting for MDA.  Spoke to a member reference a workers’ comp issue.  Stopped by FS411 to meet with the troops.  Stopped by the Progressives Cook-Out at Ft Hunt Park – thanks for the invite and it was great to see everyone!  Local 2068 raised over $615K for MDA – thank you everyone for your commitment to the cause.

September 8 – 0800 hours – met with a member and Risk Management to discuss the member’s workers comp claim.

September 9 – 0900 hours – met with Supervisor Penny Gross to discuss the upcoming Budget Committee Meeting reference our issues.  1030 hours – met with Supervisor McKay to discuss the upcoming Budget Committee Meeting reference our issues.

September 10 – 1000 hours at the Local Office meeting with Brother Kuley, office staff and our accountants – 1230 hours met with the Fire Chief and some of his staff reference personnel issues.  1830 hours – attended and participated in Jennifer Boysko’s fundraiser for the House of Delegates – 86th District vacated by our friend Delegate Tom Rust (R)

September 11 – 1300 hours - Attended the Board of Supervisors Budget Committee Meeting at the Gov’t Center discussing the FY2015 Carryover scheduled for Tuesday, September 22nd.

September 12 – Went to Watkins Park in PG, MD., to support the Local’s Softball Teams at the MDA Tournament.  Thanks to everyone who came out to play and those who came out support our players.  1900 hours – attended and participated in the Annual “Crab-Fest” fundraiser for the Mason District.

September 15 – 0900 hours - attended and participated in a meeting at the Wel-Fit Center. 1230 hours met with Supervisor McKay to discuss our issues/concerns.

September 16 – 0900 hours – attended and participated in the halls of Congress – lobbying for the Re-Authorization of the Zadroga Act – the 911 Bill.  1800 hours – attended a fundraiser for the 8th Congressional District.

September 17 – 0900 hours – dropped off paperwork to our workers’ comp lawyer reference a member’s claim.  Met with a member at the member’s fire station to discuss the member’s grievance.  1800 hours – attended and participated in the monthly Central Labor Council’s Eboard and General Membership Meetings.

September 18 – 19 – Attended the Annual Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial in Colorado Springs, CO., honoring and memorializing our Fallen Brother David “Art” Staub.

September 21 – Worked EOS at EMS402B.  1330 hours – introduced Local 2068 to the 139th Recruit School at the Massey Building.

September 22 – 0900 hours – attended the Board of Supervisors meeting at the Gov’t Center.  1100 hours – testified before the BOS on behalf of the membership resulting in the flu shots for CY2017, the use of REC centers, and the functional movement screening placed back into FRD’s budget.  Additionally, the BOS directed the County Executive (Ed Long) to place in his FY2017 Budget the elimination of the 2 year hold in Step 8 and the reduction/elimination of the Social Security Off-Set in the next 3 years.  Reduction of 5% each year until it’s eliminated.

September 23 – Successfully completed the Work Performance Evaluation – time 6:35!  Attended and participated at the monthly Uniformed Retirement System Board of Trustee’s Meeting.

September 27 – Successfully finished a 10K in Pittsburgh with my younger brother.

September 28 – 29 – Attended the required FRD/COG Command Training at FS403.  Left for the VPFF’s Educational Conference in Virginia Beach, VA.  

September 30 – Attended and participated at the VPFF’s Board of Director’s Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA.  Local 2068 successfully defeated a proposal to move Local 2068 into our own district while the Vice-President in our district would not be compensated.  Additionally, we were able to successfully endorse Delegate Tim Hugo (R) on behalf of the VPFF – the motion was passed unanimously.  

October 1 – 0800 hours - Met with Supervisor Penny Gross’ campaign manager.  At the Local Office

October 2 – 1100 – Went by the Academy to present to the 139th Recruit School to join Local 2068.  Thanks to Brother Slaymember for his assistance/presence at the presentation.

October 3 – 1000 – Accompanied a member with a disciplinary proposal.

October 5 – 0830 – met with a member and Retirement Agency Staff reference a member’s concern.  1430 – placed 4 x 8’s signs for Penny Gross with her campaign manager and Brother Flanigan.

October 7 – 0830 hours – met with Supervisor John Foust reference his campaign.  1900 hours – attended and chaired the monthly General Membership Meeting.  At the meeting we honored Supervisor Gerry Hyland for his 28 years as Mt. Vernon Supervisor and supporting our issues.  Congrats Gerry – you will be missed.

October 8 – At Local Office –

October 9 – 0845 - Met with the Fire Chief reference disciplinary issue with a member.  0900 met with the FC, AFCs Burke and Dyer, DFC Ryan, Merv Barrera (Hispanics), and Pat Kelly (Officers) at Massey Building

October 10 – 0830 – Assisted endorsed political candidates at the Central Labor Council (CLC) with Labor Walks – went/assigned to Alexandria City to knock on doors in support of Brother Willie Bailey.  1130 – assisted with Supervisor Gerry Hyland’s Lobster-Fest in the Mt. Vernon District.

October 11 – My youngest daughter, her boyfriend, and I complete the Army 10-Miler Race

October 12 – 0900 – went by Supervisor Foust’s campaign office to pick up yard signs and residence assignments.  1400 – went by Kilroy’s for Local 2068’s Fall Get Together.  Excellent time and thanks to everyone who came out.  1630 – went by the Wel-Fit Center to welcome our USAR Team home from their deployment to South Carolina – WELCOME HOME!

October 14 – Stayed around to talk/update the members at FS442B reference current union issues.  1100 – Went by DPSC to present to the recruits reference joining Local 2068.

October 15 – Went FS421A to congratulate Brother Tom Feehan on his Forty Years of Service and his Forty Years as a Local 2068 Member – Congrats Tom and all the best to you and yours!

October 16 – 1200 – Completed the “Long Walk” with County Executive Ed Long around the Gov’t Center. 1845 – went by the Gov’t Center to congratulate our members on their promotions and/or years of service.  1930 – Attended Supervisor Foust’s campaign fundraiser in Herndon with Brother Colin Flanigan.

October 17 thru 18 – Attended the LODD Memorial Service to the 2 Fallen Brothers of Kansas City’s FRD/Local 42 on behalf of Local 2068.  Worked EOS (1900-0700) for EMS402B.

October 19 – Stayed around to talk/update the members at FS442C reference current union issues.  Went to Local Office

October 20 – 0800 - Participated and chaired the monthly Local 2068 Executive Board Meeting.

October 21 – Attended and participated at the monthly Uniformed Retirement System Board of Trustees Meeting.

October 22 thru 23 – Attended and participated at the National Fallen Fire Fighters Conference on Occupational Cancer(s) at the Pentagon City Sheraton Hotel.
Respectfully Submitted and Fraternally,John

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