Grievance Director - January 2016

facebook Share on Facebook 1/3 Phone calls with 8 members regarding Capt. 2 exam issues.

1/2 Issues with Capt. 2 exam: multiple emails and phone calls. Prepared grievance documents. 

1/3 Purchased food at Costco for upcoming EMS conference, refreshments sponsored by Local 2068.

1/4 & 1/5
Numerous Phone calls, (hours of talk time) with Nemo, Kuley, multiple members, emails, text, and personal meetings regarding Capt. 2 testing problems, and possible resolution.  Spoke with multiple members fielded questions regarding: EMS committee, civil service exams, political issues.

1/6 General Membership meetings, DPSC issues, counselled member regarding PIP.  Again numerous Phone calls, emails, text, & personal meetings regarding Capt. 2 testing problems.

1/7 Attended VPFF Legislative Conference in Richmond.  Meeting with DPSC training rep to discuss upcoming grievance. Emails with member about meeting with FC.  Emails regarding Capt.2 testing issues.   Administration issues with members dropping out of the union, working to have them rejoin. 

1/8. Multiple calls regarding PIP of two separate members. Phone call with Simcoe.  Small group strategy meeting with grievance committee members.   Advised another member about their rights and responsibilities as a supervisor. Counselled and offered to help review documents.

1/9  Several emails about Capt.2 test issues.  Questions from members requesting reimbursement for fees to attend conference.
1/10 Several emails dealing with DPSC issues.

1/11 Continuing emails regarding Capt. 2, along with phone calls with two members.

1/12 Emails, phone calls regarding DPSC issues.

1/13 Questions about Capt. 2: score changes, multiple calls to union office, DPSC, Kuley, Nemo.

1/14 IAFF Alts plans, phone calls and emails.  Fielded questions about conference.

1/14. Emails counseling member with written reprimand.  ALTS coordination. Review proposed document changes in county polices.  Emails with Union attorney.

1/16 Travel to IAFF Alts conference in FL.

1/17-19 Attend conference, networked with union leaders, attended multiple classes:  Advanced leadership (follow up to previous year’s leadership class.)  Recruiting future union leaders, How to increase union member participation, Social Media, Social Media; legal responsibilities, Generational differences in the work place.

1/20 Travel home

1/22 Phone calls and text with Nemo, Kuley, 3 members regarding Capt.2 issue.

1/26 Lead M438 24hr

1/27 Attended meeting with neighboring COG local presidents, along with Kuley.  Phone counseling and documentation review for member with Step 2 grievance, regarding pay.  Attended Step 2 meeting with DC Roach.  Calls with Nemo, and Merrell.

1/28  Phone counseling with members: Step 2 grievance.  Coordination, phone calls member regarding an EEO investigation.  Emails and phone calls with union attorney and Merrell.

1/29 Multiple, Texts, phone calls with Merrell, Attorney, Chief Dyer

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