Grievance Director - February 2016

facebook Share on Facebook 2/1 FirePac recruitment; explained benefits to several members.

2/2 Eboard meeting.  FirePac recruitment.  Capt. 2 exam issues: Emails with multiple members; phone calls with two members.

2/3 Attended General Membership meeting 7 pm; Nominations for IFF/VPFF conference delegates.  Voted in as delegate for VPFF & IAFF.

2/4. 24hrs M409, Capt2, test issues calls with Kuley, Nemo.  Assisted Supervisor Gerry Highland with personal matter.  Fielded questions regarding upcoming DPSC promotion test, discussed possible issues and strategy.

2/5.  Emails with Fire Chief.  Calls and emails with Nemo, Kuley, Chief Jenkins.  IAFF delegates’ administration, questions on attendees, procedures, and days needed.

2/8; Phone calls with Chief Dyer, Peterson, Kuley, and member regarding Capt2 exam, another about DROP issues, and Chief Jenkins regarding possible promotions.

2/9. Impromptu meeting with Fire Chief discussed Step 8, and promotion issues.  Phone calls with Attorney, Nemo, Chief Jenkins regarding; Promotions, steps, Capt.2 exam, DROP, PIP, and fit for duty.  Spoke in person with a member about FMLA issues, and another regarding union dues paused while on military leave.

2/10 Helped member with military leave, Spoke with attorney. Ditto yesterday’s emails along with ones about political action.

2/11 Phone calls Chief Roach, about a Step 2 regarding pay issues.  Emails, with attorney regarding promotions, FMLA, termination.  In person discussions with Konczal about IAFF conversation.  Multiple, emails about termination phone call with that member for 30 min.  Coordination with union office staff to get members reimbursement money.  Emails with member and Peterson over pay issues.

2/12. Calls with Merrell, Toni Garcia.  Emails with member regarding termination.  Composition of grievance paperwork.  Emails and texts with attorney forwarding department SOPs, so they could prepare documents.  Spoke with member regarding station 8 not having a fridge, forwarded questions to Eboard. Text back and forth following up.   General Administrative matters.

2/13. Admin

2/15. Emails regarding FMLA with Nemo, Anderson, Walmer, Attorney.

2/16 same as 2/15, plus Phone calls with Member regarding Capt2 exam.  DPSC Pip emails, also reviewed documents.  Review documents from attorney for HR regarding FMLA.

2/17 Emails regarding; Termination with member and Merrell, Capt2 exam issues and member,  FMLA Kuley, Anderson,  Dyer, Attorney, Jenkins, FC, Walmer,  Phone calls with Chief Dyer, and Nemo.

2/18 24hr M441; emails regarding FMLA with Ron, PIP issues with DPSC, FirePAC Admin.

2/19 Emails regarding; Termination with Merrell, Capt2 exam issues Member, FMLA Kuley, Anderson,  Dyer, Attorney, Phone calls and text Member regarding Capt. 2 exam.

2/21 Capt.2 exam issues phone calls with member and Flannigan.

2/22 Small grievance committee meeting regarding member PIP, and Capt. 2 exam issues.

2/23 DITTO!!, Eboard emails, and text.  Meeting with Chief Dyer.  140th recruitment lunch; spoke to class 50 new recruits about benefits of joining the union, with Nemo, Flannigan, and Kuley.

2/24 Calls with Nemo about multiple items.   Meeting with member on EOS FSLA.  EMS subcommittee meeting. Collected applications and money for Recruits enrollment.  Scheduled grievance step meetings.

2/25. Emails regarding; Capt 2, PIP both FRD and DPSC, Step 2 reply for member with Pay discrepancy, possible grievance regarding Call back and Telestaff issues.

2/26 PIP and ems certifications issues meeting with Weand. Several meetings regarding same. Emails regarding Election help.  In person meeting with member on I/L about possible outcomes, termination alternative placement, etc. Conversations with two members updating them about Capt FSLA law suit.  Text, emails with Peterson about step 3 meeting.

2/27 Counseled member about holding up a transfer and poor working conditions.  Helped another member request meeting with the Fire Chief, rather than file official grievance.

2/28 Edited grievance documents. Emails & phone calls; with Member regarding Capt 2 exam. Flannigan, and Attorney. Text with Nemo, and member about next year’s fiscal budget.  Emails regarding issues with Captains switching shifts due to OPS realignment.

2/29. Spoke with Fire Chief about EOS/FSLA issues. Touched base with Peterson regarding upcoming Step 3 Pay Discrepancy meeting.  Emails with Nemo, about Captain Issues and realignment.  Admin.

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