Grievance Director - May 2016

facebook Share on Facebook 5/1 emails, calls with Nemo DPSC member.
5/2 meeting with DPSC Steve Souder, Cheri Bird, VM calls with Member regarding PIP, Carney, Davis issues with EMS Tech exam,   Texts with Member regarding ongoing investigation.
5/3 Texts and phone calls with Deputy Chief Dyer regarding EMS Technician exam. Phone calls and text Peterson, Beatty.
5/4 General Membership meeting.  Member, Toni, Ron Nemo, Simco, Attorney emails regarding possible termination.  Helped member with VPFF issues.  Call with Flanigan and Member regarding investigation.
5/5 emails with attorney, calls and text counseling members on EMS Technician exam, emails phone calls a Battalion Chief regarding personnel issues.  Calls with Simco Nemo, attorney.   
5/6. Eboard emails.  Calls with Member about News article and TV coverage regarding harassment and Nicole. Coordination of Political Action: Sharon Bulova Bed Race; emails and calls with her office, PIO, EBoard, and members.
5/7 Text and calls with Member about EEO and possible Internal Affairs investigation, possible cyber bulling on a Fairfax Underground website.
5/8 Mothers day. Emails and text regarding ongoing EEO investigation.   Emails with Member about BC exam.
5/9 PAC recruitment and coordination, Follow up emails and text regarding ongoing EEO investigation, Emails with Member about BC exam.  Reached out to member to see how we could help them with some illness in the family.
5/10 Phone calls regarding EMS Technicians exam possible grievance.  Meetings with members regarding Nicole suicide and its rippling repercussions in the department and in the news. Met with several members trying to recruit people for Sharon Bulova bed race.  Emails with members and Attorney regarding possible termination, formal complaint against Guy Morgan.   EEO investigation meeting coordination with two members.  Phone calls yesterday and today with Flanigan.  Emails and calls with Sharon Bulova's assistant.  Left work early, daughter throwing up at school, did 3 hours admin while she napped: March/April GD log, expenses, etc.
5/9 Text with Kuley and Slaymaker coordination for retired member and needs during sick family member. 
5/10 Emails text with Merrell about Member and EEO investigation.  Emails with Attorney and Member about Guy Morgan complaints.  Emails with Member regarding issues with BC exam.
5/11. Emails for AJ Member regarding another EEO investigation, FirePac recruitment.  Phone calls with attorney regarding member fit for duty.  Email coordination of bed race.
5/12 Calls coordinating with two members doing Bed Race, Phone calls with member regarding another member afraid to file a grievance. Phone call with Member regarding fit for duty, text/calls with Deputy Chief Dyer.  Recruiting new members for PAC group.
5/13 Emails, phone calls with Merrill, emails with Eboard and FirePac group.  Stopped by the union office to pick up work shirts for Academy FirePac members, spoke with Member about IA Guy Morgan and ongoing issues. Calls with Kuley and Nemo regarding mental health task force, Guy Morgan complaint, and other issues.  Multiple calls to the attorney.
5/14 Pushed Sharon Bulova with three other members in annual bed race.  4hr event, took those members to lunch after for appreciation.  Multiple emails with Eboard, Nemo and Attorney.
5/15 emails with Eboard, advised member in on EMS technician grievance.
5/16. Emails with Eboard, emails with attorney, Calls with Member, Nemo, Chief Dyer Calls with attorney, Nemo, Kuley,  Attended 3 hr meeting for FirePac and mental health:  Maya, Flanigan, McGill, Labor Reps, Virginia State Senator Sorvel, Boswell, Peterson. Organized and delivered FirePac shirts, to academy staff and recruits.  Texts with Anderson,
5/17 Emails, phone calls with Member and Simcoe regarding demotion,
5/18 Emails with attorney, & Nemo about demotion, attended press conference at FS408 on sexual harassment, attended day 1 of 2 day NREMT Scenario testing course, meet with 2 members about IA investigation, and scheduled meeting to go with one member. 
5/19 attended day 2 NREMT Scenario testing course, Stopped by union office to drop off paperwork and pick up FirePac gifts. 
5/20 Drove to Norfork for VPFF conference, Spoke with Member regarding denied holiday leave grievance, calls with Member regarding Guy Morgan complaints.
5/21 Attended as delegate for VPFF Convention, Phone calls and emails grievances regarding holidays and change of shift issues.
5/22. Drove back from Norfolk from VPFF Convention. Emails with Fire Chief and Member.
5/23. Member counseling regarding grievance of BC test.  Emails with attorney, emails & text with Member about leave, VM from Nemo.
5/24 Executive board meeting, 4 hours.  Emails regarding Member's battalion chief grievance.  Member grievance, emails with the attorney. Texts emails, and face to face with another member regarding Internal Affairs investigation.
5/25. Internal investigations meeting at the Massey Building.  Recruited five new members to FirePac.  Phone call and face to face with Member helping them with step 2 grievance.
5/26. Meet with member regarding EMS technician exam step 2, member displayed a good example the difficulty of NEOGov site.  Meeting showed Chiefs and HR on a computer how difficult it is to navigate and apply.  Emails with Member and Attorney about fit for duty.
5/27. Recruited 2 members to join FirePac group and do more at union events.
5/28. Calls with Kuley regarding a members possible demotion, emails coordinating 2068 booth at Celebrating Fairfax
5/30. Emails, with Eboard
5/31 phone calls with Member regarding BC exam, Face to face meeting with Member leave issues.  Calls with another member about Internal Afairs investigation.  Emails regarding DPSC issues, general emails with Eboard.  Phone call with attorney.  Calls with Member about fit for duty issues.  Calls from member at 2300 about leave issues and possible conduct unbecoming write up.

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