Grievance Director - June 2016

facebook Share on Facebook 6/1 0500 call glamor regarding possible retaliation due to grievance. Call with Member regarding FMLA, fit for duty, HIPPA, ADA. Call with Member regarding meeting with county attorney, Eboard emails.  Attended General Membership meeting.
6/2 Emails phone calls with Kuley regarding several issues.  Calls and text with member.  Emails with Eboard regarding lawsuit Tomascello against the county.  Emails with member BC test grievance.
6/3 Text regarding general membership issues, impromptu meeting with Nemo regarding multiple issues.  Face to face meeting with Member about step two grievance about annual leave.  Coordination with Nemo and Kuley for meeting on Monday with attorney and several members.
6/6 4 hour meeting with attorney Nemo, Kuley, Barlow and several members, along with and others.
6/7 Emails text, phone calls with multiple members regarding ems technicians exam Emails with Eboard,
6/8 Logistics for Celebrate Fairfax.  Small group EMS committee meeting.
6/9 Worked 24hrs on M418.  Emails regarding BC test grievance, coordination emails Celebrating Fairfax with Eboard.
6/10. A lot! Too busy to log.
6/11 Worked union booth for celebrating Fairfax.  Went over Logistics as delegate for IAFF Convention.
6/12 Phone calls with Kuley regarding bid system.
6/13 Emails with attorney, regarding BC grievance.  Phone calls with attorney about several issues.
6/14 Phone calls with LT member about bid system.   Emails, phone calls, face to face with another LT member regarding bid system, possible grievance.
6/15. Emails with Eboard, and Attorney, about SCOP, Texts and email logistics about picnic, yesterday phone call with attorney, bought place tickets for IAFF, admin with office staff.
6/16 10 hr OT at academy.  Emails calls with attorney, Member, and Peterson regarding grievance about bid system.
6/17 My Birthday and 11th wedding anniversary.  Phone calls with member regarding being ordered to meet with county attorney regarding Hernandez lawsuit.  Texts from Flanigan, Voice mails from other member regarding on going issues with Guy Morgan and Hernandez lawsuit.  Phone call with Kuley coordination of Local Picnic the next day.
6/18. Saturday meet Kuley at union office at 0930.  Drove to storage facility to help load the trailer with equipment, tents, and coolers for picnic.  Dropped them of at site, went to Costco to get supplies, set up for picnic at 1300.  Worked picnic with other Eboard members Till 1800.  Helped clean up and reload equipment. 
6/19 Emails with attorney regarding ems technicians’ exam
6/20 Face to face with member about ems technicians’ exam, forwarded them the Attorney position letter.
6/21 Phone calls with Eboard.  Phone call with DC about FMLA.  Spoke with several members throughout the day about the Captain lawsuit and circuit court ruling.
6/22 Again impromptu discussions with several members about the ruling of the circuit court and captains lawsuit.  Admin, expenses and logs.
6/23 10 hr OT at academy.  Emails/phone calls with member and Attorney regarding bid system grievance.  Eboard emails.
6/24 Again, emails/phone calls with member and Attorney regarding bid system grievance.  Eboard emails, text with Peterson.  Conference call with Flanigan and Attorney regarding Guy Morgan letter to police chief removing his SCOP.  40 min phone call with DPSC member about sexual harassment investigation.  Eboard emails, phone calls with Anderson regarding recruit Termination.   Admin May and June Logs
6/25 Flew to Chicago for weekend alone with wife.  2 calls 20 mins each with two members having issues in 5th Batt.   Emails with Nemo, Eboard.
6/27 Flew back to DC, emails with Eboard, phone calls with member regarding step 8/9 longevity steps issues.
6/28 Eboard meeting 4 hours.  Phone calls with Flanigan, and member about pay steps.
6/29 Mandatory Officer training, impromptu meeting with DC regarding Step 2 grievance.   Lunch meeting, Konzcal, Kuley, Merrell, Burchell.  Calls with member again regarding step issues with the removal of step 8 July 1st.
6/30 24hrs R419 officer training 1 of10 shifts.  Eboard emails.

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