General News

Congresswoman Barbara Comstock Earns Fairfax County Firefighters Endorsement

Fairfax, Virginia – The Professional Firefighters and Paramedics IAFF Local 2068 endorsed Congresswoman Barbara J. Comstock (R-VA) in her reelection to Congress for Virginia’s 10 th Congressional District. This is the first time IAFF Local 2068 has endorsed Congresswoman Barbara Comstock in any of her elections for both U.S. Congress and, Virginia State Delegate. “Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has worked hand in hand with the brothers and sisters of the...

IAFF Develops National Database to Address Youth Firesetting

Each year, youth firesetting leads to an alarming number of injuries, deaths and property damage. To address this growing and overlooked problem, the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) initiated the Youth Firesetting Information Repository and Evaluation System (YFIRES) to serve as a national database, as well as a resource at the local level, for developing intervention programs and other efforts to reduce youth firesetting.According to the National Fire Protection Association, fires set by youth between 2007 and...

IAFF Urges Congress to Support Firefighter Cancer Registry Act

General President Harold Schaitberger joined members of Congress May 17 at a press conference to promote legislation establishing a national fire fighter cancer registry. The Firefighter Cancer Registry Act (H.R. 4625 / S. 2799) would allow novel research on cancer in fire fighters by providing scientists with new data. “It sometimes surprises people when I tell them that the most dangerous threat to the health and safety of fire fighters is not from fires and...
Principal and Appointed

Human Relations - January 2017

Yolanda DeMark The following are a summary of the month of January; Spoke with a few members from FS 15 regarding some possible issues. Attended an EEO Investigation Interview with a member. Met with Executive Assistant Matt Lopez. Assisted with the Chairman's Reception at the Government Center.

Grievance Director - January 2016

1/3 Phone calls with 8 members regarding Capt. 2 exam issues. 1/2 Issues with Capt. 2 exam: multiple emails and phone calls. Prepared grievance documents.  1/3 Purchased food at Costco for upcoming EMS conference, refreshments sponsored by Local 2068. 1/4 & 1/5 Numerous Phone calls, (hours of talk time) with Nemo, Kuley, multiple members, emails, text, and personal meetings regarding Capt. 2 testing problems, and possible resolution.  Spoke with multiple...

Vice President - November 2016

Went to Mike Macario’s retirement function and gave his glass plaque. A previous retiree wanted to know if he could get a one and I passed it on to Battalion Representative.  39 year Union Award! Great evening at Franconia! Started in the 41st Recruit School and recently gave a speech to the 141st! Went to Mike Garcia’s retirement function. Great Evening meeting some of the members from Fire Station Fifteen!...

Grievance Director - June 2016

6/1 0500 call glamor regarding possible retaliation due to grievance. Call with Member regarding FMLA, fit for duty, HIPPA, ADA. Call with Member regarding meeting with county attorney, Eboard emails.  Attended General Membership meeting. 6/2 Emails phone calls with Kuley regarding several issues.  Calls and text with member.  Emails with Eboard regarding lawsuit Tomascello against the county.  Emails with member BC test grievance. 6/3 Text regarding general membership issues, impromptu meeting...

Grievance Director - May 2016

5/1 emails, calls with Nemo DPSC member. 5/2 meeting with DPSC Steve Souder, Cheri Bird, VM calls with Member regarding PIP, Carney, Davis issues with EMS Tech exam,   Texts with Member regarding ongoing investigation. 5/3 Texts and phone calls with Deputy Chief Dyer regarding EMS Technician exam. Phone calls and text Peterson, Beatty. 5/4 General Membership meeting.  Member, Toni, Ron Nemo, Simco, Attorney emails regarding possible termination.  Helped member with...

Grievance Director - March 2016

3/1 Emails with member regarding termination, Emails and text following up on Captains transfer across shifts situation: regarding leave and days off.   3/3 Multiple emails about member termination with Eboard and HR, Multiple emails regarding Capt.2 promotional exam errors and Step 2.   3/4. Phone call with Nemo going over several issues. 3/5 Emails and administrative issues.  Recruiting emails, mentoring younger members to get involved.  Emails and text with Flanigan...

President - February 2016

John Niemiec February 1 – 1400 hours – Met with FC Bowers about some personnel items.  Worked EOS for Brother Dave Sellers at EMS402B. February 2 – Attended and chaired January’s (changed due to snow) Eboard Meeting.  1400 hours – Teleconference with Brothers Kuley, Kotecki, Allison and personnel from TRW to discuss the “Exercise Boxes.”  Coordinated with John at Sundog the FirePAC job shirts. February 3 –...

Grievance Director - January 2016

Jeff Loach, Grievance Director 1/3 Phone calls with 8 members regarding Capt. 2 exam issues. 1/2 Issues with Capt. 2 exam: multiple emails and phone calls. Prepared grievance documents.  1/3 Purchased food at Costco for upcoming EMS conference, refreshments sponsored by Local 2068. 1/4 & 1/5 Numerous Phone calls, (hours of talk time) with Nemo, Kuley, multiple members, emails, text, and personal meetings regarding Capt. 2 testing...

President - January 2016

John Niemiec - President’s Report for January 2016 January 1 – Brothers Konczal, Kuley, and I went by Fairfax Hospital to see Brother Al Doughty.  The Local provided Al with a computer tablet to keep him up-to-date with emails and for entertainment.  Al was grateful to see all of us.  You’re in our thoughts and prayers Al!  1400 hours – went by FS429 – had a great station visit...

Grievance Director - February 2016

2/1 FirePac recruitment; explained benefits to several members. 2/2 Eboard meeting.  FirePac recruitment.  Capt. 2 exam issues: Emails with multiple members; phone calls with two members. 2/3 Attended General Membership meeting 7 pm; Nominations for IFF/VPFF conference delegates.  Voted in as delegate for VPFF & IAFF. 2/4. 24hrs M409, Capt2, test issues calls with Kuley, Nemo.  Assisted Supervisor Gerry Highland with personal matter.  Fielded questions regarding upcoming DPSC promotion test, discussed possible issues...

Vice President - January 2016

Colin Flanigan   We have been lobbying the following bills with the VPFF.   S.B. 524 McPike Cancer Presumption SUPPORT. Senate Commerce/Labor   S.B. 737 Obenshain prohibition on public employers for paying leave or benefits to employees who work on behalf of unions or professional associations also includes MDA .OPPOSE, Senate General Laws   Tuesday: H.B. 195 Lingamfelter Cancer Presumption SUPPORT House Sub- committee special workers comp.   Thursday: H.B....

President - December 2016

John Niemiec October 25 thru 28 – Attended and participated at the NCPERS Public Safety Retirement Seminar in Palm Springs, CA. October 31 – Went by Fairfax Hospital to see a retired member in the ICU. Spoke to the Campaign Manager for Supervisor Foust in preparation for Tuesday’s Election. November 1 – Went by the funeral home to pay our respects to Brother Jack Acre. November 2 – Attended...
Battalion 1

Battalion 1 - January 2017

Jason Peterson - Attended executive board meeting, dealt with membership issues from multiple battalions and communicating with members on grievance processes, signed up new member for local, disseminated FirePac information and helped sign members up for FirePac, consulted with member concerns on preceptor program and compensation, consulted with members on pension focus and future pension priorities with Local 2068, station visits to 1st and 5th battalion stations

Battalion 1 - December 2016

Jason Peterson - Executive board meeting, delivered FirePac gifts to stations, introduced a motion which passed at the executive board meeting on ascertaining more financial information to include record-keeping within the volunteer systems, met with state senator on firefighter interests in upcoming general assembly session, met with local 2598 leadership/VPFF leadership, 1st and 5th battalion visits, consulted with IAFF 4th District President on regional issues in COG, consulted with Local 1619 leadership (PG County)...

Battalion 1 - November 2016

Jason Peterson - Continued support for pay re-grade, represented a grievance, met with member on FMLA issue for member, met with local leadership from IAFF local 36, 1619 and 1311 on regional priorities, disseminated election material/information, worked the Fairfax County election polls representing support for Meals Tax initiative, endorsed Local 2598 member to introduce financial/investment services for Local 2068 members at the upcoming retirement seminar, attended eboard meeting, station visits...

Battalion 1 - October 2016

Jason Peterson - Introduced motion on making the FF through Lieutenant pay re-grade a top priority, introduced votes at general membership on pay re-grade, represented a member on grievance on promotional exam, handled 1st battalion member concern on investigative matters, met with SEIU on general local union matters and election focus, met with members at academy

Battalion 1 - September 2016

Jason Peterson - Signed up new local 2068 members, signed up new firepac members, attended eboard meeting, visited 5th battalion/6th battalion/1st battalion stations, fielded several grievances, met with regional IAFF 4th district leadership on COG region union issues, began research on frontline member studies such as pay re-grade, and consulted with union attorney on member rights and sick leave issues.

Battalion 1 - August 2016

Jason Peterson - Consulted with fire chief's office on development of new training to include mental health initiatives, conducted station visits in 1st battalion, met with VPFF leadership on agendas affecting NOVA locals.  Published union articles on advocacy and servant-style leadership, represented VCU paramedic student issues, advised on new FRD training initiatives, and met with a BOS member in reference to upcoming Local 2068 priorities

Battalion 1 - July 2016

Jason Peterson -  Represented a grievance, attended a meeting with a member of the Board of Supervisor's, attended a political action function, made station visits to all first battalion stations, fielded potential grievance questions from multiple members of the first battalion, consulted with regional IAFF leadership on multiple local issues facing union leadership in the region. 

Battalion 1 - June 2016

Jason Peterson -  Eboard meeting, consulted with several members of the first battalion, represented two grievances at Step 2 and Step 3, delivered Firepac shirts throughout the first battalion and some to several other battalions, consulted with regional hospital leadership on EMS training opportunities and priorities for our membership, made station visits to entire first battalion.

Battalion 1 - May 2016

Jason Peterson - Made station visits to 39, 31, 25.  Supported grievance process for a member.  Packaged FirePac gifts and delivered to first battalion stations and station 11.  Attended CIT training as first fire dept personnel to receive the training to implement within the committee on mental health training, maintaining the Local’s stakeholder position in behavioral health within the department.  Attending FirePac committee meetings and attending political function for Senator...

Battalion 1 - April 2016

Jason Peterson - Budget testimony, 139 graduation, eboard meeting, conducted a meeting with regional union leadership from NOVA, MD, and DC on regional issues and coordinated training and resource ideas for improved innovation for Local 2068 membership, attended PG LODD funeral, coordinated with 4th District VP candidate endorsed by Local 2068 on upcoming IAFF ventures.  Delivered Supported logistical efforts for Mittendorff funeral.  Fielded grievance questions and follow ups with members....

Battalion 1 - March 2016

Jason Peterson - eboard meeting, general membership meeting, delivered FIREPAC job shirts to 1st battalion for FIREPAC members, continued on mental health/diversion protocol sub-committee with FRD administration and assistant medical director coordinating with new Merrifield Behavioral facility, made station visits throughout first battalion, contacted safety officers again on Fire Station 36 potential issues, met with union leaders from Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Howard County, DC and Prince William County.  Attended...

Battalion 1 - February 2016

February-step 3 grievance representation with member, meetings held at first battalion stations on grievance guidance for several members on issues, met with Local 1619 Prince George’s Professional Firefighters president on mutual aid discussion with PG County as well as coordinating with IAFF 4th District VP race, made station visits to station 31, 12, 39, and 36.  Coordinated with Executive Board Safety Committee Chair on Fire Station 36 mold concerns and...
Battalion 2

Battalion 2 - January 2017

Rich Merrill Attended Executive Board Meeting Attended URS Pension Board Meeting Worked on Two grievances for members-one is ongoing Fielded several phone calls from members assisting with issues.

Battalion 2 - January 2016

Richard Merrell  Attended morning union meeting held at Fairfax Moose Lodge. Made motion to hold all General Membership Meetings at 0800 rather than the flip/flop schedule we currently have. Motion will come before the membership at the March 2nd meeting for final vote. B-shift coming off duty so get your troops to the meeting and free breakfast.  Attended January L2068 Executive Board Meeting held at the union office. Many...

Battalion 2 - December 2015

Richard Merrell  Attended Union meeting held at the Fairfax Moose lodge.  Resolved two active grievances within the battalion  Assisted 6th Battalion Rep with delivering calendars and Cigna Charts to FS19 & 20  Attended Pension Board Trustee meeting  
Battalion 3

Battalion 3 - February 2017

Battalion 3 - R Konczal​ Attended the general membership meeting. Scheduled work day for the e-board meeting, did not attend. Attended Brother Doughty's celebration of life.  Representing members with multiple EEO investigations.  Representing a member with a grievance. Assisting a retired member with a potential legal issue.

Battalion 3 - January 2017

Bob Konczal -  Attended January e-board meeting Battalion 3 Station visits  Dealing with grievance concerning a position issue Representing multiple members with various charges  Delivered a few remaining PAC shirts

Battalion 3 - December 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended December membership meeting; Attended December e-board meeting; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare updates; Shop Steward replacement at Station 17 and 34; Delivered PAC Long Sleeve Shirts to eligible members; Delivered tangerines, cookies and calendars to Batt 3 stations   

Battalion 3 - November 2016

Bob Konczal  - Monthly Report November 2016-Battalion 3; Working the day of the membership meeting; On scheduled leave the day of the e-board meeting; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare updates; Shop Steward replacement at Station 17 and 34; Election assistance at the Union office; Investigate potential grievance over sick leave issue; Investigate potential grievance over mandatory preceptor class;   

Battalion 3 - October 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended eboard meeting; Attended general membership meeting; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare issues with LODD retiree; Facilitated meeting with member and county payroll over pay issue; Attended Town Hall meeting in Great Falls lobbying for Meals Tax; Attended retirement celebration for member; Picked up and delivered plaques; PAC activities with t-shirts

Battalion 3 - September 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended eboard meeting; Did not attend general membership-working shift at the ROCC; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare issues; Attended Step 2 grievance with member; Working on pay issue with member; Assisted with MDA; Delivered PAC T-shirts to station for purchase; Soliciting shop stewards for FS 17 and 34 due to transfers  

Battalion 3 - August 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended the July eboard meeting; Attended the August eboard meeting; Attended the IAFF Convention in Las Vegas; Represented a member in Step 2 grievance; Prepared for Step 3 grievance; Attended retirement luncheon for member; Attended FF of the Year event  

Battalion 3 - April 2016

Bob Konczal Attended the April general membership meeting Attended the April eboard meeting Attended and assisted in presentation of retirement plaques for BC Hawkins Retiree medical issue with Cigna LiveWell upcoming events and MyCigna program dissemination to members Emergency eboard actions and votes for events.On annual leave the second half of the month.

Battalion 3 - March 2016

Bob Konczal Attended the March General Membership Meeting Attended the March eboard meeting Healthcare insurance issues with retirees Healthcare questions with members. Working with LiveWell group (My Cigna Program) Delivered the PAC Job shirt to various brothers/sisters in the 3rd Battalion Worked with 2 upcoming retirements within the battalion. Station visits: 17, 34, 40.

Battalion 3 - January 2016

3rd Battalion - Bob Konczal  Attended the December EBoard meeting  Attended the January General Membership Meeting  Healthcare insurance issues with 3 retirees  Healthcare questions with members  Working with LiveWell group (My Cigna Program) and Craig to help inform the membership  Visited several station soliciting PAC contributions  Meeting with Sully District Democratic Committee; Event scheduled for February. ...

Battalion 3 - February 2016

Bob Konczal Attended the January eboard meeting, postponed until Feb 2. Attended the February general membership meeting on Feb 3 Attended the February eboard meeting on Feb. 23 Healthcare insurance issues with 3 retirees. Healthcare questions with members. Working with LiveWell group (My Cigna Program) and Craig Lueke to help inform the membership with various opportunities. Worked on the Tier 2 PAC Job shirt. Visited several station soliciting PAC...

Battalion 3 - December 2015

Bob Konczal Attended Executive Board meeting Attended General Membership Meeting Battalion 3 station visits Healthcare issues with a retiree Healthcare questions with members Healthcare meetings  (My Cigna Program) Met with member on Light Duty to discuss leave issues Attended Retirement for Elton Wright and presented plaque and pin Attended sendoff for Elton Wright his last day at the Academy Met...
Battalion 4

Battalion 4 - January 2017

Dave Barlow Attended monthly General Membership and E-Board meetings. Supported 1 Battalion member and 2 FMO members with potential grievances. Advised FMO office and received feedback on the impacts of the new Draft SBCA/IDLH Health and Safety policy. Conducted research on early cancer detection in search of best practices for the fire service. Actively working with EMS Operations on the replacement EMS bags. Primary objective is to improve operational...

Battalion 4 - January 2016

4th Battalion - Dave Barlow > December 31st- meeting with Andy Pantelis, candidate for IAFF 4th District > January 6th- General Membership morning meeting. Meeting included briefing on the County Exec proposed FY2017 Budget. Afternoon meeting with S/T Kuley and AFC Caussin discussing topics within Business Services which included issues at FS and the Urban Engine Project. > January 12th- grievance consult with member in Battalion ...

Battalion 4 - May 2015

Dave Barlow:  May 6th- meeting and swearing into office May 10th- grievance consultation May 14th- signs for Supervisor Gross May 16th- signs for Supervisor Gross May 26th-Eboard meeting May 27th- Step 2 grievance meeting
Battalion 5

Battalion 5 - February 2017

Submitted by Battalion Director Tom Simcoe​ I am pleased to report that House Bill 1884 in the Virginia General Assembly has been signed by the Governor.  The Constitutional Amendment relating to Tax Relief for the spouses of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice is now part of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Made a Station visit to 426-C with the members of Local 2068 to answer...

Battalion 5 - January 2017

Tom Simcoe Attended the January General Membership Meeting. Made all the legislative appointments for the VPFF Legislative Conference. Attended the VPFF Legislative Committee meeting in Richmond. Attended the VPFF Board of Directors meeting in Richmond representing Local 2068 as acting Director. Attended the VPFF Legislative Conference in Richmond.  Also coordinated all the legislative appointments, and made sure we had those members from our Local meeting with Fairfax County members...

Battalion 5 - November 2016

Tom Simcoe -  Attended the October Executive Board Meeting. Attended the October Meeting of the Uniformed Retirement System. Attended the NCPERS Public Safety Employees Pension and Benefits Conference. Attended the November General Membership Meeting. Worked the Poles on November 8th in support of the Constitutional Amendment for the Line of Duty Benefits for Public Safety Employees.  Also to oppose the Constitutional Amendment for Right to Work. On Amendment #1...

Battalion 5 - September 2016

Tom Simcoe During the month of August I did attend the I.A.F.F. Convention as an elected delegate. I have been assigned to work with Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s re-election campaign.  I have been working with the campaign almost daily on issues within Fairfax County, and have been providing assistance in locations in Loudon County and Prince William County. I did have one (1) grievance within the 5th Battalion, and have...

Battalion 5 - August 2016

Tom Simcoe As Co-Chair of Local 2068’s Legislative Committee we held a meeting of the members to apprise them of upcoming VPFF Legislation that will be presented before the 2017 Virginia General Assembly.  During this meeting I also informed the members of the current status of legislation that will be on the November 8th, 2016 Election Ballot. As an elected delegate I attended the 53rd Convention of the I.A.F.F....

Battalion 5 - June 2016

Attended the Governor’s signing of House Bill # 1345 in Richmond, VA with President Niemiec. Attended the Governor’s signing of House Bill # 222 in Richmond, VA with Vice President Flanigan. Assisted with, and setting up of the Local 2068 Cookout. Have been in contact with Delegate Tim Hugo’s office in reference to future legislation before the upcoming Virginia General Assembly. I have been appointed to the V.P.F.F.’s newly formed...

Battalion 5 - May 2016

Tom Simcoe Attended the May General Membership Meeting of Local 2068. Attended the NEPC Annual Conference on behalf of the Uniformed Retirement System. Attended the NCPERS Annual Conference on behalf of the Uniformed Retirement System, and was elected to the NCPERS National Committee. Attended the V.P.F.F. Bi-Annual Convention as an elected Delegate on behalf of Local 2068. While attending the V.P.F.F. Bi-Annual Convention in Hampton, VA I was an...

Battalion 5 - April 2016

Tom Simcoe Attended the April General Membership Meeting. Attended the I.A.F.F. Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. Attended a meeting with the Chief of Staff Susan Falconer for Congresswoman Barbara Comstock in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D.C. Attended a meeting with Legislative Aide  Kate Schisler for Congressman Don Beyer in the Cannon House Office Building in Washington, D.C. Visited with a member from Local 2068 who’s Son...

Battalion 5 - March 2016

Tom Simcoe Attended the March General Membership Meeting of Local 2068. Have been at the General Assembly Building in Richmond, VA lobbying members of the General Assembly form both the House of Delegates, and State Senate to support legislation.  This was legislation that was brought forward by Local 2068 and the VPFF. On March 7, 2016 I spoke before the membership of the State Senate Committee on Courts of...

Battalion 5 - January 2016

Director Tom Simcoe 1. Attended the January General Membership Meeting. 2. Attended the January Executive Board Meeting. 3. Attended the January Meeting of the Uniformed Retirement System. 4. Attended the VPFF Legislative Conference in Richmond, VA. 5. Have been assisting one member within the 5th Battalion with a work related issue. 6. Have been assisting one member within the 5th Battalion with disciplinary issue....

Battalion 5 - December 2015

Tom Simcoe 1. Attended the December General Membership Meeting. 2. Attended, and addressed the December, 2015 Local 2068 Legislative  Luncheon. 3. Held a meeting with President Niemiec that was requested by members of  the 5th Battalion. 4. Am currently assisting one (1) member of the 5th Battalion on a disciplinary  issue. 5. Am currently working with members of the Virginia General Assembly...

Battalion 5 - November 2015

Tom Simcoe 1. Attended the October Meeting of the Local 2068’s Executive Board. 2. Attended the October Meeting of the Uniformed Retirement System. 3. Assisted with the Re-Election Campaigns for Delegate David Bulova, and Delegate Tim  Hugo. 4. On Election Day I worked the polls for Delegate David Bulova. 5. Attended the November General Membership Meeting of Local 2068. 6. Have been working...
Battalion 6

Battalion 6 - January 2017

Clarke Slaymaker Monthly General Membership Meeting Monthly E-Board meeting Finished delivering PAC gifts and exchanged some sizes Visited a couple Fire Stations Assisted with the Chair of the Board of Supervisors Took a few phone calls from Members Various small projects for the E-Board

Battalion 6 - September 2015

Clarke Slaymaker - Monthly General Membership Meeting. Monthly Exec Board Meeting VPFF Seminar  Assisted with some PAC events for local elections Talked with member regarding a IA issue  Talked with a member regarding a possible grievance issue Spoke with a couple of shifts within the Battalion

Battalion 6 - May 2015

Clarke Slaymaker:  Attended Monthly General Membership Meeting Attended Monthly E-Board Meeting Attended VPFF Board Meeting Met with DFC and member regarding a Step 2 Grievance Assisted with clearing out of Suite C Helped Kuley with shirt ordering Spoke with a couple of shifts in the battalion Handled a couple of phone calls regarding some issues
Battalion 7

Battalion 7 - January 2017

Kyle Anderson -attended e-board and general membership meetings -continued distribution of FirePac gifts -had (2) Step 3 grievances and (1) Step 1 grievance -attended (2) retirements and gave out or sent retirement awards -continued to answer numerous questions regarding recent discipline in the Fire Department and what to expect moving forward-helped to craft an appeal letter regarding proposed , severe discipline.

Battalion 7 - June 2016

Kyle Anderson - Delivered more FirePac gifts; Answered various questions about FLSA issue; Helped two recruits with discipline/employment issues; Communicated to Battalion latest news/updates; Stopped by State representatives office; Finalized plans for IAFF convention in Las VegasMissed e-board meeting due to “A” shift working

Battalion 7 - May 2016

Attended general membership meeting Attended e-board meeting Helped member with EEO interrogation Helped member with EEO complaint Delivered more FirePac gifts Dealt with one worker’s comp/injury issue Counseled member regarding recent grievanceHelped recruit FF with Academy issue

Battalion 7 - April 2016

Kyle Anderson Attended general membership meeting Attended e-board meeting Helped member with EEO interrogation Helped member with EEO complaint Delivered more FirePac gifts Dealt with one worker’s comp/injury issueCounseled member regarding recent grievance

Battalion 7 - January 2016

Kyle Anderson 1. Attended e-board meeting 2. Handled one recruit school member issue 3. Attended two members’ retirement parties and delivered retirement gifts 4. Handled one possible issue with Step 8 and deferring promotion 5. Started work on FMLA and possible effect on members6. While at home with new baby, Jack Walmer made some station visits for me.

Battalion 7 - October 2015

Kyle Anderson Visited 2 stations Dealt with 1 grievance, possible civil service hearing Attended E-Board meeting Delivered some WPFG merchandise and MDA merchandise to a station Handled 2 other non-grievance issues Met with political candidate and delivered some materials for campaign

Battalion 7 - May 2015

Kyle Anderson:  Attended General membership meeting and came late to the E-board meeting.(due to I.A. representation) Helped two members with discipline issues.  Dealt with possible Recruit termination at Fire Rescue Academy.   Picked up shirts for some Battalion 7 members at the Union office. Visited 3 Battalion stations