Local 2068 Battalion Representative Election Results

by Matthew Lopez, Election Chair - First, I would like to thank the members of the committee who came out this afternoon to assist in validating, sorting and counting the over 1,000 ballots received for the 2017 Battalion Representative Election.
The members who deserve special recognition are: John Harris, Clayton "Smoke" Thompson, Kendall Thompson, Tim Walker, Richie Cunningham, Yolanda Demark, Eric Moore and my daughter Camila Lopez. Also in attendance to witness the proceedings were: Secretary/Treasurer Ron Kuley, Vice-President Colin Flanigan, Candidates Clarke Slaymaker and Robert Young. 
Second, As of this morning, Wednesday April 12, 2017 there were 83 ballots removed from the Post Office mail box. This brings the total ballots received to 1019. 
There were a total of 17 ballots returned due to bad addresses during the past four weeks. Of those all but seven were re-emailed after contacting the member and obtaining updated addresses. The remaining seven had no phone number or email address on file and we were unable to contact to obtain a good forwarding address. There were a total of 4 members who asked and received replacement ballots. 
Third, during the validating process there were three ballots received by members not in good standing. Those ballots were not opened and were subsequently set aside. During the counting process there was one ballot found with damage and not counted because the committee was unable to accurately determine the voting intention of the member. No ballots were found defaced. As a result the total ballots counted were 1016. That is a voting percentage of 53% of the membership. 
Finally, the ballot count is as follows
Votes Cast per Candidate
859   Kyle Anderson
742   Jeffery Loach
715   Bob Konczal
666   Clarke Slaymaker
642   Robert Young
625   Dave Barlow
571   Tom Simcoe
516   Jason Peterson
500   Ryan McGill
408   Bryan Selent
Our new Board of Directors are Anderson, Loach, Konczal, Slaymaker, Young, Barlow and Simcoe. 

Location (Map)

10500 Sager Ave, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA
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