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Battalion 6

Battalion 6 - January 2017

Clarke Slaymaker Monthly General Membership Meeting Monthly E-Board meeting Finished delivering PAC gifts and exchanged some sizes Visited a couple Fire Stations Assisted with the Chair of the Board of Supervisors Took a few phone calls from Members Various small projects for the E-Board

Battalion 6 - September 2015

Clarke Slaymaker - Monthly General Membership Meeting. Monthly Exec Board Meeting VPFF Seminar  Assisted with some PAC events for local elections Talked with member regarding a IA issue  Talked with a member regarding a possible grievance issue Spoke with a couple of shifts within the Battalion

Battalion 6 - May 2015

Clarke Slaymaker:  Attended Monthly General Membership Meeting Attended Monthly E-Board Meeting Attended VPFF Board Meeting Met with DFC and member regarding a Step 2 Grievance Assisted with clearing out of Suite C Helped Kuley with shirt ordering Spoke with a couple of shifts in the battalion Handled a couple of phone calls regarding some issues

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