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Battalion 4

Battalion 4 - January 2017

Dave Barlow Attended monthly General Membership and E-Board meetings. Supported 1 Battalion member and 2 FMO members with potential grievances. Advised FMO office and received feedback on the impacts of the new Draft SBCA/IDLH Health and Safety policy. Conducted research on early cancer detection in search of best practices for the fire service. Actively working with EMS Operations on the replacement EMS bags. Primary objective is to improve operational...

Battalion 4 - January 2016

4th Battalion - Dave Barlow > December 31st- meeting with Andy Pantelis, candidate for IAFF 4th District > January 6th- General Membership morning meeting. Meeting included briefing on the County Exec proposed FY2017 Budget. Afternoon meeting with S/T Kuley and AFC Caussin discussing topics within Business Services which included issues at FS and the Urban Engine Project. > January 12th- grievance consult with member in Battalion ...

Battalion 4 - May 2015

Dave Barlow:  May 6th- meeting and swearing into office May 10th- grievance consultation May 14th- signs for Supervisor Gross May 16th- signs for Supervisor Gross May 26th-Eboard meeting May 27th- Step 2 grievance meeting

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