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Battalion 3

Battalion 3 - February 2017

Battalion 3 - R Konczal​ Attended the general membership meeting. Scheduled work day for the e-board meeting, did not attend. Attended Brother Doughty's celebration of life.  Representing members with multiple EEO investigations.  Representing a member with a grievance. Assisting a retired member with a potential legal issue.

Battalion 3 - January 2017

Bob Konczal -  Attended January e-board meeting Battalion 3 Station visits  Dealing with grievance concerning a position issue Representing multiple members with various charges  Delivered a few remaining PAC shirts

Battalion 3 - December 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended December membership meeting; Attended December e-board meeting; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare updates; Shop Steward replacement at Station 17 and 34; Delivered PAC Long Sleeve Shirts to eligible members; Delivered tangerines, cookies and calendars to Batt 3 stations   

Battalion 3 - November 2016

Bob Konczal  - Monthly Report November 2016-Battalion 3; Working the day of the membership meeting; On scheduled leave the day of the e-board meeting; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare updates; Shop Steward replacement at Station 17 and 34; Election assistance at the Union office; Investigate potential grievance over sick leave issue; Investigate potential grievance over mandatory preceptor class;   

Battalion 3 - October 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended eboard meeting; Attended general membership meeting; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare issues with LODD retiree; Facilitated meeting with member and county payroll over pay issue; Attended Town Hall meeting in Great Falls lobbying for Meals Tax; Attended retirement celebration for member; Picked up and delivered plaques; PAC activities with t-shirts

Battalion 3 - September 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended eboard meeting; Did not attend general membership-working shift at the ROCC; Battalion 3 Station visits; Healthcare issues; Attended Step 2 grievance with member; Working on pay issue with member; Assisted with MDA; Delivered PAC T-shirts to station for purchase; Soliciting shop stewards for FS 17 and 34 due to transfers  

Battalion 3 - August 2016

Bob Konczal - Attended the July eboard meeting; Attended the August eboard meeting; Attended the IAFF Convention in Las Vegas; Represented a member in Step 2 grievance; Prepared for Step 3 grievance; Attended retirement luncheon for member; Attended FF of the Year event  

Battalion 3 - April 2016

Bob Konczal Attended the April general membership meeting Attended the April eboard meeting Attended and assisted in presentation of retirement plaques for BC Hawkins Retiree medical issue with Cigna LiveWell upcoming events and MyCigna program dissemination to members Emergency eboard actions and votes for events.On annual leave the second half of the month.

Battalion 3 - March 2016

Bob Konczal Attended the March General Membership Meeting Attended the March eboard meeting Healthcare insurance issues with retirees Healthcare questions with members. Working with LiveWell group (My Cigna Program) Delivered the PAC Job shirt to various brothers/sisters in the 3rd Battalion Worked with 2 upcoming retirements within the battalion. Station visits: 17, 34, 40.

Battalion 3 - January 2016

3rd Battalion - Bob Konczal  Attended the December EBoard meeting  Attended the January General Membership Meeting  Healthcare insurance issues with 3 retirees  Healthcare questions with members  Working with LiveWell group (My Cigna Program) and Craig to help inform the membership  Visited several station soliciting PAC contributions  Meeting with Sully District Democratic Committee; Event scheduled for February. ...

Battalion 3 - February 2016

Bob Konczal Attended the January eboard meeting, postponed until Feb 2. Attended the February general membership meeting on Feb 3 Attended the February eboard meeting on Feb. 23 Healthcare insurance issues with 3 retirees. Healthcare questions with members. Working with LiveWell group (My Cigna Program) and Craig Lueke to help inform the membership with various opportunities. Worked on the Tier 2 PAC Job shirt. Visited several station soliciting PAC...

Battalion 3 - December 2015

Bob Konczal Attended Executive Board meeting Attended General Membership Meeting Battalion 3 station visits Healthcare issues with a retiree Healthcare questions with members Healthcare meetings  (My Cigna Program) Met with member on Light Duty to discuss leave issues Attended Retirement for Elton Wright and presented plaque and pin Attended sendoff for Elton Wright his last day at the Academy Met...

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