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Battalion 1

Battalion 1 - January 2017

Jason Peterson - Attended executive board meeting, dealt with membership issues from multiple battalions and communicating with members on grievance processes, signed up new member for local, disseminated FirePac information and helped sign members up for FirePac, consulted with member concerns on preceptor program and compensation, consulted with members on pension focus and future pension priorities with Local 2068, station visits to 1st and 5th battalion stations

Battalion 1 - December 2016

Jason Peterson - Executive board meeting, delivered FirePac gifts to stations, introduced a motion which passed at the executive board meeting on ascertaining more financial information to include record-keeping within the volunteer systems, met with state senator on firefighter interests in upcoming general assembly session, met with local 2598 leadership/VPFF leadership, 1st and 5th battalion visits, consulted with IAFF 4th District President on regional issues in COG, consulted with Local 1619 leadership (PG County)...

Battalion 1 - November 2016

Jason Peterson - Continued support for pay re-grade, represented a grievance, met with member on FMLA issue for member, met with local leadership from IAFF local 36, 1619 and 1311 on regional priorities, disseminated election material/information, worked the Fairfax County election polls representing support for Meals Tax initiative, endorsed Local 2598 member to introduce financial/investment services for Local 2068 members at the upcoming retirement seminar, attended eboard meeting, station visits...

Battalion 1 - October 2016

Jason Peterson - Introduced motion on making the FF through Lieutenant pay re-grade a top priority, introduced votes at general membership on pay re-grade, represented a member on grievance on promotional exam, handled 1st battalion member concern on investigative matters, met with SEIU on general local union matters and election focus, met with members at academy

Battalion 1 - September 2016

Jason Peterson - Signed up new local 2068 members, signed up new firepac members, attended eboard meeting, visited 5th battalion/6th battalion/1st battalion stations, fielded several grievances, met with regional IAFF 4th district leadership on COG region union issues, began research on frontline member studies such as pay re-grade, and consulted with union attorney on member rights and sick leave issues.

Battalion 1 - August 2016

Jason Peterson - Consulted with fire chief's office on development of new training to include mental health initiatives, conducted station visits in 1st battalion, met with VPFF leadership on agendas affecting NOVA locals.  Published union articles on advocacy and servant-style leadership, represented VCU paramedic student issues, advised on new FRD training initiatives, and met with a BOS member in reference to upcoming Local 2068 priorities

Battalion 1 - July 2016

Jason Peterson -  Represented a grievance, attended a meeting with a member of the Board of Supervisor's, attended a political action function, made station visits to all first battalion stations, fielded potential grievance questions from multiple members of the first battalion, consulted with regional IAFF leadership on multiple local issues facing union leadership in the region. 

Battalion 1 - June 2016

Jason Peterson -  Eboard meeting, consulted with several members of the first battalion, represented two grievances at Step 2 and Step 3, delivered Firepac shirts throughout the first battalion and some to several other battalions, consulted with regional hospital leadership on EMS training opportunities and priorities for our membership, made station visits to entire first battalion.

Battalion 1 - May 2016

Jason Peterson - Made station visits to 39, 31, 25.  Supported grievance process for a member.  Packaged FirePac gifts and delivered to first battalion stations and station 11.  Attended CIT training as first fire dept personnel to receive the training to implement within the committee on mental health training, maintaining the Local’s stakeholder position in behavioral health within the department.  Attending FirePac committee meetings and attending political function for Senator...

Battalion 1 - April 2016

Jason Peterson - Budget testimony, 139 graduation, eboard meeting, conducted a meeting with regional union leadership from NOVA, MD, and DC on regional issues and coordinated training and resource ideas for improved innovation for Local 2068 membership, attended PG LODD funeral, coordinated with 4th District VP candidate endorsed by Local 2068 on upcoming IAFF ventures.  Delivered Supported logistical efforts for Mittendorff funeral.  Fielded grievance questions and follow ups with members....

Battalion 1 - March 2016

Jason Peterson - eboard meeting, general membership meeting, delivered FIREPAC job shirts to 1st battalion for FIREPAC members, continued on mental health/diversion protocol sub-committee with FRD administration and assistant medical director coordinating with new Merrifield Behavioral facility, made station visits throughout first battalion, contacted safety officers again on Fire Station 36 potential issues, met with union leaders from Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Howard County, DC and Prince William County.  Attended...

Battalion 1 - February 2016

February-step 3 grievance representation with member, meetings held at first battalion stations on grievance guidance for several members on issues, met with Local 1619 Prince George’s Professional Firefighters president on mutual aid discussion with PG County as well as coordinating with IAFF 4th District VP race, made station visits to station 31, 12, 39, and 36.  Coordinated with Executive Board Safety Committee Chair on Fire Station 36 mold concerns and...

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