Battalion 5 - September 2016

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  1. During the month of August I did attend the I.A.F.F. Convention as an elected delegate.
  2. I have been assigned to work with Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s re-election campaign.  I have been working with the campaign almost daily on issues within Fairfax County, and have been providing assistance in locations in Loudon County and Prince William County.
  3. I did have one (1) grievance within the 5th Battalion, and have been providing that member with assistance.
  4. I did make one (1) work location visit with Director Slaymaker to discuss issues with a member.
  5. I attended the Executive Board meeting in September.
  6. Attended the meeting of the Uniformed Retirement System in September.Attended the 141st Recruit School presentation on membership in Local 2068.